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Freebie Shoot - Volunteers Wanted 


I'm just doing the last of the confirmations for the Sydney shooting weekend (Friday 8th Nov - Tues inclusive) and I may have an opening or two available if anyone is interested. One of the slots is a freebie because there's a little project I'd like to do with another photographer so I'm looking for some volunteers for that one, it may not go ahead but I've been wanting to work with this photographer for some time so I'm hoping it will go ahead. Can you send me a PM here or FB with a list of your available costumes and a list of your available times for the weekend? I'm prioritising cosplayers that I haven't shot with before but still send me a message regardless. Links to your cosplays would be good too please as I'm looking for a higher quality of cosplay, not a closet cosplay (e.g. L from Death Note etc etc)

Sydney Shooting Trip

I'm all booked up on the weekend of Fri 8th Nov, there were quite a few peeps that missed out but if there's enough interest I'll come back for another. For those who are still umming and ahhing about the fact that I charge, just to reiterate, please be aware it's not just flights to Sydney that put me in the negative, it's the unpaid time off work, accommodation, food and minor travel around Sydney when I'm there. An average trip costs me minimum of $500. I don't charge to make a profit off you believe me :)

Sydney Shooting Trip

OK, I've had to change this twice, 3rd time lucky, I'm looking at the weekend of Fri 8th Nov, let's cut and paste from previous journal!

If anyone is interested in shooting with me, unless I've already contacted you, there would be a fee of $110 (inc GST YES everything I do goes through the tax office) to shoot with me, you'll be given 1.5 hours minimum with me and I'll give you extra if schedule allows, doesn't matter if its a group or individual/pairs etc same price. You'll also get a full proof gallery on my return so you don't have to worry about getting a handful of photos and wondering what the rest of the shoot is like. Also you choose up to 5 photos for me to fully post process . . . . you can have more images but they wont be processed in Photoshop just colour/exposure corrected etc. I also choose my favourites so chances are you'll end up with more than 5 processed images. To reiterate, if I've contacted you to organise a shoot I do not expect payment :) (Smile)


Conditions :-
- be on time
- see copyright business further on
- $55 booking fee required non refundable if you change your mind . . . other half due 2 weeks before shooting

Why do I charge? Well I live 550km away from Sydney & every day I spend away from home costs me many dollars, then there's flights/accommodation etc. I'm not looking to make big bucks here but having some expenses covered is lovely. I also bring an assistant and full lighting so you can get the best out of the shoot :)

So send me a msg if interested here or FB and we'll go from there


Copyright Blah blah:-

I'll do this for the first time because there's been some publicity surrounding this and cosplay photographers this last week.


 You have the right to use the images for self promotion (personal use only), this means your website, blog, Facebook fan & personal pages, World Cosplay, deviantART, Coscure etc etc. Basically any site that you have a profile with that is your personal page, you must provide linkbanks on these uploads to my photography Facebook photography page or deviantART, if I upload your images anywhere I will also provide links to your Facebook fan page or deviantART, I will never leave your pictures uncredited unless you have requested this or have no online profile to link to.


You cannot give the images to a third party without first seeking permission from myself including contests, blogs & websites (that aren't yours), calendars, books, magazines, newspapers . . . . . anything. It does not matter whom, a third party is a third party, which means anyone aside from you. Sale of the images without seeking permission is also not permitted. You are not able to upload or share proof images anywhere, they are yours to peruse and serve only the purpose of choosing your final images. You cannot alter my images and you cannot remove the watermark.


 However!!! I'm pretty easy going and I've yet to say no to anyone who sought my permission first but I am not so friendly if it's been done behind my back and I find it somewhere, this happens a lot so please do the right thing and contact me ^___^


You will be asked to sign a model release, which outlines the above terms, you'll get a copy for yourself as well. You also need to be 18 years old to shoot with me alone; if you are under 18 you must bring a parent/guardian to your private shoot otherwise I will not shoot you (unless we are at a convention). The parent/guardian will be asked to sign a model release form instead on your behalf.

Skyrim Cosplay Photoshoot Behind the Scenes Video is LIVE!!!!

Massive Print up for Grabs - Facebook Contest

A1 sized print (85cm x 60cm) up for grabs to celebrate 1500 likers on FB!!


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Kate-Kane Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
i will happily vouch that you are worth every cent paid for!
TaisukeTesser Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013
omg the Kiriban was hit 
charmainemorganphoto Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013  Professional Photographer
Good plan. :)
MademoiselleMischief Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I watched the video! Its amazing!!!! Id love to work with you some time! Ive been wanting photographs taken of my Warrior Belle (from OUaT) cosplay for ages now!!! I live in Australia too! :P
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