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Brisbane Shooting Trip

Hi Brisbane! Well soon I'll be there to say hi . . . . I'm heading up this month on the Fri 25th April. I haven't done a cosplay shooting trip in Brisbane since 2010!!! Time goes too quickly . . . .

I'll be available for shoots from the Sat onwards and I plan to stay for a couple of days, maybe a couple more ;)

If anyone is interested in shooting with me, unless I've already contacted you, there would be a fee of $110 (inc GST YES everything I do goes through the tax office) to shoot with me, you'll be given 1.5 hours minimum with me and I'll give you extra if schedule allows it. You'll get a full proof gallery so you don't have to worry about getting a handful of photos and wondering if there were other shots that you would have liked. Also you choose up to 5 photos for me to fully post process . . . . you can definitely have more images but they wont be processed in Photoshop just colour/exposure corrected etc. I also choose my favourites so chances are you'll end up with more than 5 processed images. A reminder I do not charge for shoots that I instigate ;)


Conditions :-

- be on time
- see copyright business further on
- $55 booking fee required non refundable if you change your mind . . . other half due at or before the shoot

So send me a msg if interested here on dA or FB and we'll go from there

Copyright etc:-

I'll do this as there's been some publicity surrounding this and cosplay photographers of late.


 You have the right to use the images for self promotion (personal use only), this means your website, blog, Facebook fan & personal pages, World Cosplay, deviantART, Coscure etc etc. Basically any site that you have a profile with that is your personal page, you must provide linkbanks on these uploads to my photography Facebook photography page or my deviantART, if I upload your images anywhere I will also provide links to your Facebook fan page or deviantART, I will never leave your pictures uncredited unless you have requested this or have no online profile to link to.


You cannot give the images to a third party without first seeking permission from myself including contests, blogs & websites (that aren't yours), calendars, books, magazines, newspapers . . . . . anything. It does not matter whom, a third party is a third party, which means anyone aside from you. You are not able to upload or share proof images anywhere, they are yours to peruse and serve only the purpose of choosing your final images. You cannot alter my images and you cannot remove the watermark.


 However!!! I'm pretty easy going and I've yet to say no to anyone who sought my permission first but I am not so friendly if it's been done behind my back and I find it somewhere, this happens a lot so please do the right thing and contact me ^___^


You will be asked to sign a model release, which outlines the above terms, you'll get a copy for yourself as well. You also need to be 18 years old to shoot with me alone; if you are under 18 you must bring a parent/guardian to your private shoot otherwise I will not shoot you (unless we are at a convention). The parent/guardian will be asked to sign a model release form instead on your behalf. If you want to sell prints that's a separate contractual agreement which we'll both be signing, contact me for further details :)

Free Shoots?

Contact me with what you'd like to shoot, there may be a small chance I'm a massive fan of the series/games, who knows, try me. When I do do free shoots, I do prioritise cosplayers that I haven't shot with before but still send me a message regardless. Links to your cosplays would be good too please as I'm looking for a higher quality of cosplay, not a closet cosplay (e.g. L from Death Note etc etc).


Name: fiathriel
Gender: Female
Location: Mid North Coast, NSW

What do you enjoy about cosplay photography?
I like all stages from the planning of the shoot to the end product but my prime motivation is creating pictures that show the true beauty and power of the model and the cosplay they choose. I want the effort that they have put in done justice and I just love people and they images that they produce. I love to see a cosplayer light up when they see the preview pic or when I give them prints, compliments are always welcome, squeees/glomps preferred. Weeaboo and rabid fangirl at heart.

What kind of shots do you like to take?
PEOPLE PEOPLE . . . . I love conceptual shots and closeup portraits. I love people's faces and their features just gleam though the lens, the whole package comes together and often the finest details like contacts, makeup and expressions are lost in long range and group shots so I always try to get some closeups and full size shots for costuming if I have time. For conceptual shots, I like to mimic a scene from the game/anime, if I can't (don't have a ref pic) I'll get as close as I can.

Post-processing or no post-processing?
I'm using Photoshop less and less and processing in Lightroom as much as possible to adjust colours, contrast and levels and spot fixes. Lightroom also allows nice colour alterations for more interesting effects. For the model editing, I'll try to even out skin tone but encourage my models to use makeup, this minimises or eliminates the need to do any skin edits. I'll almost always use PS to do basic sharpening and give the image a bit of a pop. I do do more extreme edits sometimes (especially if the cosplay is from a game).

What equipment do you use?
Canon 5D MK III
Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8 L II
Canon EF 85mm f/1.2 L II
Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro Lens
Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L
Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II
Misc gear includes Canon 580EXII's, pocketwizards, diffusers, gels, boring stuff like that!

What do you do besides cosplay photography?
Non cosplay photography, I work full time in medical (bookkeeping), I play bass in a death metal band (currently on hiatus) and I cosplay (the oldies will know this one) which has also been on hiatus.

Which conventions do you usually attend?
I was original floating around between 2002 - 2007 in AUS, attended some conventions in Japan and then had a break for 2 years. Recently it's been Animania and Supanova.


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hi want to be friends i love cardcaptor sakura
I write quite late but... Thank you so much for the :+devwatch:

Happy New Year : )
Greetings' ! :iconfemaleexcellence: has a great honor and pleasure to announce you that your art was selected in the "#17 Monthly Art Promoting Contest [10.12.2013]"

Congratulation ! :D, you can check it here ->…

PS: Feel free to submit your great art to us and join us if did not yet have the chance :la:
amerat Oct 30, 2013  Student Photographer
nice gallery! :)
Soooo damn excited to be working with you!
Likewise!!!!!!!!! ^______^
ahbu Sep 16, 2013  Student Photographer
Hi! I really like your photos! I am a cosplay photographer currently in Perth. Would you be attending Armageddon in Melbourne next month? would love to meet you! =w=

Thankyou :) I actually haven't been to a con in Melbourne for around 7 years I think! I haven't been very active in the con scene this last 18 months or so :(
ahbu Sep 16, 2013  Student Photographer
ahhh.. I just came back from a break too.. coz of studies but now that it's ending I can do more cosplay shoot. Thanks for the watch back! Love your works! Perth needs a cos-photog like you <3
Danceswithcosplayers Sep 16, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hi! i really like your Aela cosplay photos! Can I please share them on my Skyrim Blog on Tumblr? All credits and links back to the photos on DA and back to your profile are properly displayed after clicking on the tumblr share icon above. But I like to as the cosplayers for permission first.
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